What USA Customers have had to say about the BUG-A-SALT

“I got this for my husbands 50th Birthday & he loved it! It brought back the kid in him and he’s able to kill some bugs too!”

      -  Michelle, Feb 19th, 2018


"Works great! Wife got her first kill just 10 minutes out of the box!"

      -  William B, Jan 19th, 2018


"We love ours so much that we ordered one for every household in the family.  The hot sauce was amazing too!"

      -  Jeana H, Dec 26th, 2017


"5 Star! Kill rate in the 90th percentile.  The liberals will want to ban it!!!"

      -  Steven S. Oct 24th, 2017


"I bought two of them and gave one to my son in law, two years ago. I use mine on an almost daily basis (in bug season) and it's still working fine. Rugged construction is quite impressive."

      -  Dennis W. June 18, 2017


"It's the best money I've spent for awhile! Now I leave my dog's poop out for a little bit to attract the flies since I've seemingly decreased the amount of flies in my backyard. Everyone I've shown the bug-a-salt to wants one!"

      -  Joesph C. July 6, 2017


"This is most fun i have ever had killing bug. Seriously its a blast. I keep it at work and i give out the website info all the time. People get the biggest kick out of it!"

      -  Catie C. May 16, 2017


"Fun! The only word needed to describe the Bug-a-Salt! I use mine indoors and out. Very useful too for getting to those hard-to-reach bugs!"

      -  Michael G. February 21, 2017


"The Bug-A-Salt is the insect annihilation tool that you never knew you needed. It's at least twice as easy and three times as fun to get rid of pests with this compared to tissues, paper towels, or the classic flyswatter. Bugs don't see it coming and run at the last second, and most species stay in one piece for simple cleanup after being hit by a blast of salt."

      -  Dan. Jan 11, 2017


"This is a great product! Not to mention an awesome company! I had problems with my bugasalt called customer service and in 5 minutes they fixed my problem. Very refreshing to get treated so well they are outstanding just like the product. Keep up the great work guys you definitely get my 5 stars"

      -  Dana S. Oct 3, 2016


“This is legit as f**k!”

      -  Julio G. Sept 30, 2016


“You are a genius for this product! Thank you so much for inventing this, its awesome! Great design, and after hundreds of bees, flies, spiders and many other kinds of bugs killed, I still look forward to hunting bugs in my yard every couple of days. Sad to say they all get killed so fast and I have to wait a couple days for some to return. I now wish my dog would poop some more so I would have more flies.”

      -  Steve Sept 23, 2016


“Greatest bug eradicator ever in my book! I bought a bug-a-salt several months ago on a whim. This thing is the greatest invention since air. I have a garden and I can kill little pests and the plants are happy happy happy.”

      -  Ray  Sept 24, 2015


“My only complaint is that this gun is much too effective. Killed all the pests in my apartment within 5 minutes of opening it. I am now leaving windows open in hopes another fly comes inside.”

      -  James Nov 10, 2015


“You will not be disappointed with this weapon. Ordered the weapon after witnessing a friend of mine doing a full assault one afternoon at his house. Convinced me I needed one of these. I'm currently at sniper status and continuing to improve every day. I've taken no survivors as to date.”

      -  Mike Nov 2, 2015


“Great stuff! The Bug-A-Salt allows a lethal strike zone that will catch all flies off guard! I love that the Bug-A-Salt doesn't splatter the target.”

      -  Bob Sept 23, 2015


“This is the Clint Eastwood gun for bugs. Do ya feel lucky today fly, well do ya? Smokes ‘em along with wasps – one shot one kill, but with salt ammo you won’t run out like Dirty Harry.”

      -  Francis Sept 26, 2015


“BADASS!!! All I can say. The transaction was easy, FAST shipping, Packaged nicely with no issues and the gun KILLS. And you can season your food commando style.”

      -  Mike Oct 21, 2015


“I really give this 10 stars out of 5. If you have fly issues there is not a better product on the market to take out flies or any other pest and have so much fun doing it. Everyone in my family is getting one for Christmas. “

      -  Jonathan Dec 2, 2015


“The person who developed this gun is a genius. I have bought and given away ten of them. Everyone loves them.”

      -  David Dec 9, 2015


“Doesn't get much better than this. I've always thought about hunting, but it's tough for me, cause I love animals. The Bug-A-Salt fills this niche too well - I can kill disease spreading bugs all day, with absolutely zero remorse.”

      -  Hillel Sept 9, 2015




  "The ultimate assassin’s weapon against flies!" 



  "Freaking awesome! Best money spent!"


  "One of my top all-time purchases...

             Bug-A-Salt gets it done!" 


  "Beyond satisfied."




  "Best bug killer ever invented!"